The Perfect Combination: Make-up Chronicles

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Everyone that knows me, know that I love make-up talk and I thought that it was time for some of that tea here on the blog. As females, we all look for that perfect make-up look combo to get all kinds of attention. Well no need to sweat it, I think I found just the perfect combination.

Anyone a big lover over the brand Colour Pop? Well, I am and they totally can have my money at anytime lol. Let me tell you Bombshells about this amazing combo that I came across while placing my order.

Firstly, I wanted to go for a nice warm fall tone, so I search up my brown and bronze colors. Mittens is nice dark chestnut eye shadow that I came across, to add some warmth to my eyes. This is a perfect color to add to the lids or even to establish a cut crease.

My next goal to this look, was to have an everlasting glowing effect. So skimming through their great highlighters, I came across Candyman. When I tell you that this highlighter is so pigmented, I am not LYING!! This adds just the right amount of shimmer and glow to your look.  

Finally, I had to go with a lippie that was just right for the other two combos. Kae Pop did just the trick, by keeping the brown tone to the look and adding a bit of a fall vampy look (not really but you get it).

So tell me what your favorite make-up combination is..

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