Definition of a Black Southern Belle

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"A Seat At The Table" is everything that a Black Southern Belle loves. A seat at the table is such qualities that deals with power, success, empowerment, and it's an opportunity to make a difference. That's exactly what us black southern belles do; we empower one another, share, lift one another up, and most importantly we build relationships.

When we think of the term southern belle, we think charm, beauty, manners, etc. Though we hold all of those fabulous qualities, there is more that defines us than that. A black southern belle is well defined as a hard-working woman, who holds value to what she it set out to be. BSB set out to build relationships among women who want the same thing; achievements, happiness, and of course to say cheers with Rose'. 

I can say something special about each of these women that are pictured here. Their persona and positives vibes set out to help collaborate everyone's positive nature into one, which makes it easier to relate to our own personal stories. Furthermore, the way we carry ourselves displays efficacious values.  

The essence of a Black Southern Belle is all about community, and being that community of women that lead each other to prosperity and fruition. 

 Now that we have talked about all of the essential qualities of a BSB, it's time to get into the fashion of one. Even though southern belles are know for their glamorous sun dress and the big wide brim hats; it's time that there is a different outlook on things.

The Tiny Tassel made of all thing BSB, women empowerment, and black girl magic happen. This lovely garments and fabulous tassel accessories is everything that a BSB need in her wardrobe. These stunning tassels and garments add the right touch a charm to everything BSB stands for. From the tassels, to the elegant bows, and charming ruffles it makes me feel everything of a BSB. 

We had to make it known on how to actually define yourself as a southern belle; whether that was angling the essential qualities or looking at the fab fashion of it all. It is time that we get into formation to stand up for women empowerment and make it together.

Comment below on how you may define yourself as a southern belle.

location: #hamptonpark

Venue: #hamptonpark
Photography: @anerisphotos
Event design/coordination : @papermeetspearl
Tablescape: @westelmcharleston
Attire/Jewelry: @thetinytassel
Calligraphy: @hatchcovedesigns
Dessert: @swank_desserts
Florals: @wearepetaloso
Rentals: @snyderevents
Makeup: @queenmelaninre
Catered Foods: @sob_catering
Cocktails: @Sociologiewine
Bloggers: @xoxoijoelle

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