Explicit Morning Routine

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Sun rise should not be a time for you to feel as if the world is going around with a hundred tornadoes, you should feel as though you are waking up on clouds with the 5 star room service. This is everything a morning should feel like when you are overly prepared for the day. You should feel as though you are winning every second of the way. 

However, if your morning is still feeling as though you have been through a few tornadoes, then you must consider reevaluating some your routines within life. 

So how can you turn your morning around to living explicitly fabulous?

Before you think about scrolling through all of your social media accounts, start with gratitude. You have to start your day with a positive mindset and ready to take on the world. Wake up with a purpose at life.

Create you a new type of mindset; the mindset that entails your lifestyle I like turning on some music. Music seems to give off a boost of energy and self-confidence to be successful throughout the day.

In the mornings, take some time out to structure your goals. What may be some things you may want to accomplish?

I love enjoying nice fresh cup of coffee or some tea. Trust me, it’s nothing like having the boost of caffeine.

Usually in the mornings, I tend to listen to a few podcast or even read a nice inspirational quote (P.S. Yogi Tea quotes are the best lol).  

Well in closing, you should always start by feeling rejuvenated, glamorous, and of course every bit of a bombshell. 

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