Cheers to 25

4:31 AM

Happy 25th birthday to me! I am finally 25 years old; where does the time go! I am so thankful and blessed that God has allowed me to live 25 great years on this Earth. I am continuing to grow as a person, a woman, and I cannot turn back to where I am headed.

Moving forward to 25 and beyond I promise to myself that I will better and greater than ever. I know that I am not where I want to be, but I KNOW where I am headed. I promise to not let my fears get in the way of my future endeavors and I kick ass at what is ahead of me. Twenty-five for me, is the year of evolving! I will be determined and conquer everything that I am coming for. I used to doubt myself because my life was not happening and the direction I wanted it to go. I thought I was not succeeding the way I should and I wanted to accomplish certain things at a certain age. Thinking to myself, I knew that God has a different plan for me. I will never doubt myself again and I will continue to push forward! August 7th, 2017 I am making this promise and I am not looking back. Twenty-five I am ready for you baby!

It's time to flourish in my purpose baby.

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