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4:30 AM

It seems from the start of Summer I told myself that I was going to be consistent when it came to my blog, business, and my overall personal goals. However, I think that I failed myself completely and I "was" ashamed of that. I use the word "was" because I had to come to terms that life happens; shit happens. You just have to pull yourself back together and grind until you own it. It is time for me to find my groove back to enjoy what I love to do and it all starts now; HERE and NOW. It's time to lose the self-doubt and feels of discouragement. It IS time for me to hold my head up and walk like I have everything I want already. 

I have been blogging four, almost five years and I want to be better then I was ever before. So what does that necessarily mean? It is time for me to vibe and put on my tunnel vision. Believe and have faith, that is really how it all happens. I have to truly know the true ME. I know it is okay to get in my feelings; I am human, but that cannot last forever. It is time to perfect on my purpose and be BOMB! 

Trust Bombshells,

Issa VIBE!

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  1. Wow i simply adore your writing and your style, you are phenomenal. Crush that self doubt you can be absolutely happy now. Keep seeking and growing you will never hit a wall.


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