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Hi Bombshells, so this Sunday I took the time to give myself that ultimate facial and I loved every moment of it. Sometimes it is just good to treat yourself, and this is something that you can do at home. I define self-care from everything mentally to physically, and I love to at least one day out of the week that is dedicated to me. I focused on both of my self-care on Sunday's, but today we are going to hit on my physical aspects of it all; skin/facials.

Above you can see all the products that I used to take on this self-care day. First, I use my apricot scrub (Dollar General Brand) to get rid of all blackheads and blemishes on my face. With this application, I put to use my Big Lots Clarisonic brush ($8). This really helped me work the product through my skin. 

Next I applied the Yes To Miralce Oil Calm and Soothe face mask. I picked up this item from Target for about $2.50. All of the items used are very inexpensive; that is what's so great about my self-care routine. However, this product helps with redness of the skin.

Afterwards, I applied my Sephora Rose under eye pads to my face. I left it on for about fifteen minutes, and this helps with dark circles under your eyes (which I tend to suffer from). I must say this product is very moist and you will not lose any of your money from this product lol.

Finally I applied my Vitamin E oil to my face. Whala! I completed my self-care routine and I enjoyed every moment of it. During this routine I did partake in a glass of Rose. 

Let me know about your self-care routine in the comments below and on social media please hashtag #SelfCareBombshell.

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