The Grass Is Olive...

7:00 AM

It's a new week everyone, it's Monday!!

I had to step out into the scene and get some new scenery for my blog post. So as a Charlestonian, what better place then downtown! I found myself strutting my stuff on the downtown streets of Charleston. I am not one of those bloggers that always post when I have something new, I simply love to remix and mix/match with what I have because I can't afford to always go out there and by new stuff. That is exactly what I did with my Olive Trench Coat that I purchased from Charlotte Russe

If you are like me, saving is everything and remixing clothing is too! For one, it saves you plenty of moola and it also shows how stylish you really are. 

I love putting together pieces that just scream SLLLLAAAYYYY!! I paired my olive trench coat from Charlotte Russe with a simple black panel dress I purchased from TJ Maxx and my cheetah print strappy heels.

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