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Hey, hey Bombshells! Happy humpday; we are finally in the middle of the week and I must say I am ready for the weekend. I haven't done a beauty post in awhile, so I thought that I would get to it. Considering that it is Sunday (when the post was written), I thought that since it's self-care day let's do this post. Lately, I have been loving my self-care days and I take full advantage of it all. 

Let's just say that I am in love with bath bombs. What girl isn't? However, my sister bought me these coconut milk bath bombs from the Nicole Miller collection and I am in love with it! 

Along with my bath bombs, I love to include a nice, smell good candle. This Spiced Pear scented candle is by Public Harmony, and I must say this is definitely my number one candle scent.

Next, is always a smell good perfume. Let's just say Victoria Secret has been getting plenty of my coins because this Pink Gold scent is lovely. It's not strong but leaves you smelling dammnnnn good hehe

Now, getting into the whole make-up thing, I have been in love with MAC's Nicki Nude lippie. This shade is nice for an everyday look, and I love to apply it with a brown lip liner to create that ombre illusion. Along with my favorites from MAC, I also love their Whisper of Gilt highlighter. As soon as you put this highlighter on it's like BAM! I love it though, especially when it's a night out on the town.


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