For The Love of Sweaters and Boots

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With the New Year came some very threatening cold weather (hehe). So it's very important that we stay layered up, but cute at the same time. I love this time of year simply for the layering of clothes, don't you? Piling layer after layer just makes a cute outfit somehow, and especially when you combine different textures and patterns. 

If you could not tell, I was very cold while shooting this look. However, I had to get it done lol. I wanted to pair different textures together from head to toe, and I did just that. I paired up this Tobi sweater dress with a black fur vest that I received from JC Penny three years ago, and some knee high designed heeled boots from Charlotte Russe.

I love the mixtures of patterns and textures within this look, it definitely adds some style to this look rather than making look like plain jane.  

I definitely was craving for some new knee-high boots and I got these babies only for $25. You can't beat that price!

What are some of your favorite looks for the Winter season?

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