Happy New Year: 2018 Trends

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Happy New Year Bombshells! I am so happy to be back on a date you babes because I have been missing in action lately. However, I am so happy to spill some of these upcoming trends of 2018. Before I indulge into that, let's just say I am making a promise to be more consistent with blogging because this is where my heart is at, and I truly feel out of place when I am not doing it. So today I am reintroducing Naye Rae; Creator of Glam Bombshell Inc.

Now that I got that out the way, let's get on to chatting about fashion trends of 2018. Everyone is always on the ups and ups about the next big thing is, and trust you don't want to get left behind with it all. Trust, I am only talking fashion today. This post is all about not getting left behind within fashion.

2018 Trends:
1. Satin Dresses

2. Beaming Colours

Image result for purple thigh high boots

3. Fur

Image result for fur jackets fashion nova

Image result for fur jackets fashion nova

4. Clear Bags

Image result for clear handbags

Image result for clear handbags

5. Fringe 

Image result for fringe jackets

These are some of my favorite trends that will be coming to the forefront in 2018. What are some of your favorites? Let me know by using the hashtag #BombshellTrends2018.

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