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Lately, I have been into the minimal is more thing and I do not have to expand to every area of fashion to be fashionable. I love a sharp, but cutting-edge look that stands out into the crowd. 

This is an outfit I would wear out to brunch or maybe a girls night out for drinks with the girls. With events like those, you don't want to be too "extra". However, there are times where you can add a little umph to your look.

Sometimes you can spend hours in your closet to find an outfit and the most simplistic outfit ends up being the "one". So I must say I have a winner with this one lol.

Anywho, let's get into this look:

I decided to pair a basic Forever 21 top with some ripped jeans from Rue 21 (what a coincidence, right?). I also decided to through on this duster that I received from Forever 21 (which is featured in the previous posts) and paired it with a basic pair of Steve Madden black pump. I certainly wish it was a pair of red bottoms lol. Almost forgot, the shades are from Zaful.

Are you a simplistic Bombshell? Comment below.

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