Glam Bombshell of the Month: Fateshia Moore

4:30 AM

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Fashion vs. Style, what’s the difference between the two?  

Fashion is "NOW" "The TREND" of what's out there and happening now!
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  What are some of your favorite trends that are happening right now?
My favs; Are "Sequins" and the "Distressed wear 
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  What are your 3 favorite hot spots to hit and find great pieces?
Pinterest for ideas and online stores but definitely the Thrift stores

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  What tips can you give our Confessions Of A GlamAholic readers on how to achieve stylish looks?
Wear what feels good to you and achieve the look that you want to see on yourself. Dare to be different and achieve an signature look
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  What should every Glam Bombshell include in her closet?
An all black blazer, some stylish flats and A MUST... a LITTLE BLACK DRESS

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