MLK Day Slay

4:00 AM

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all; we all know that this is a day to rejoice and be proud of within our country. Dr. King help pave the way for many and I am forever thankful for that. Sometimes we just have to reflect on our history and realize how we got to this point within our lives. Dr. King lead the way to racial equality and left behind an unforgettable legacy. He is known for standing up for rights and paving paths to live dreams.

We still live in a time where there are still race issues, however, we have came a long way. As far as dreams are concerned, we have to learn how to put in our minds that we are already where we need to be. I am pretty sure that Dr. King saw freedom and racial equality down the road before we actually got there. We have to learn to believe in ourselves and just go for it.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 
--Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

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