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I am slowly trying to get into the motions of being a "gym geek" and getting my body back in shape, and this is a great time to start especially since New Year's just past. Fitness is a major goal this year because I have several engagements to attend, and hunny I'm trying to look right at every single occasion. Everyone needs a bit of motivation when starting this journey, so why not do so with new workout gear.

Workout clothes are my ultimate favorite, even when I am not in the gym because they are so comfortable. However, this go round, I am not buying them for the sake of lounging around the house. 

Now let's get into my go to gear for the gym:

A sports bra is must! You must give your girls some support, especially if you are heavy chested, because you do not want them bouncing all over the place. Find you a great sports bra that is the perfect  fit and look for you. By the way this sports bra is from JC Penny

Next, you must find you the most comfortable pants ever. You do not want to have to pull your pants up every second because they are falling down, so you may want to go with something that fits just right. The stretchy route is always my way to go, considering, they provide me with comfort, flexibility, and I CAN BREATHE in them. These babies are from Forever 21.

Lastly, are my Polar Fitness Watch. I love this little gadget, and I feel lost whenever I do not have it with me in the gym. This is great for keeping track of your heart rate and calorie lost. Not only that, but it stays up to date with your fitness track throughout the week. I purchased this from Amazon.

Just getting much needed, yet cute, fitness gear motivates me to get in the gym and get this body right. As for the eating healthy, I am still working on that it bit. However, I will get it right over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Let me know how you get motivated to get it in the gym. Comment below.

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