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We all have these overly big handbags and sometimes I wonder, what do I really need to have in my bag? Really, I try to carry very minimal items in my handbag. For one, I do not like carrying a very heavy bag on my shoulders twenty four seven. On a day to day basis, you only need your important essentials in your bag. Why carry more than you have to? 

Satchel Bag: This bag is from JustFab and I have had it for yeaarrrrsss. It is really by go to handbag, and I wear it just about everyday. It is the perfect size and some for all of my essentials.  

I love having some type of planner or notebook with me at all times. You never know when you are going to need to jot something down or need to make plans for an event. The life of a blogger, you need some type of writing source with you at all times. I got this cute little gold notebook from Target; they have plenty of cute planners to choose from.

Beauty Thangs: I always have to have several lip products with me at all times. You never know where you will be going, so I think that it is best to have options. What girl does not like options? I love to have a chapstick close by; this one is the Hydration Tint. This is one of my favorite chapsticks, and I use it just about everyday. My next lip product to carry is a butter lip gloss by NYX. Their lip glosses are the best because it is very long lasting. Finally, we bombshells must have to have a lipstick available at all times; make sure that it is a neutral shade. 

I always keep a nice smell good with me. Juicy Couture is always on my must have list for perfume, and I can't live without it. 

And where can you go without your wallet. We all need to carry along our coins just in case we see something that catches our eyes. For me, that is pretty often.

Comment below what is in your handbag.

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